Serendipity and a new iPad case

Posted: September 21, 2012 in accessories, folders & cases, iPad, tablet

I got a new case for my iPad.  I usually keep it in a minimalist black silicone skin (cheap, lightweight, and grippy – the latter two being important during performance).  But I need a little extra screen protection for the times when I throw it in my backpack.  (By the way, I didn’t really buy this iPad case from Isle Royale National Park – that patch is just a piece of flair.)

The case has a velcro easel stand/strap thing on the back:

Ostensibly it’s to prop up the case for viewing the iPad in landscape mode.  (Note that I can put my iPad in this case without having to remove the silicone skin, a convenient feature for me.)

However, when I’m using the iPad on a wire music stand…

…it makes a great safety strap for securing the iPad to the music stand so it won’t fall off the desk!

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