Video: forScore Tutorial: Bookmark Basics

Posted: September 21, 2012 in apps, forScore, iPad, sheet music, video

Here’s a tutorial on how to create and use bookmarks in forScore.  (One bookmark tip I forgot to mention in the tutorial: If you email/share a score as .4SC file, its bookmarks will be included and the recipient will see them when they import the score into their iPad.  Thanks to Chris Russel at Technology in Music Education for tipping me off about that.)

Video: forScore Tutorial: Bookmark Basics (11:32)

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  1. Matt Greenaway says:


    I have been scanning all my music to put into forscore. (done about half of it so far). My music is all mixed together… Saxaphone, Trumpet, Keyboard. Sometimes i have all three for the same music. My music is scanned into one large PDF for each letter. (future music will be individual pdf’s – Using work MFD’s to scan large amounts of PDFs is very quick)

    You cannot create a bookmark in forscore with the same name. When i scanned the PDF’s, i have created bookmarks (or table of contents) in the PDF, because it is quicker to enter all the names in. (using jpdfbookmark) When i import the PDF, and then import the TOC, The bookmarks are all created, including the duplicated items. HOWEVER, i cannot have unique meta data for them. My bookmarks are there, but when i look at the metadata for the second time the name appears, The meta data for the first instance always shows.

    Have you seen this before? How would you manage multiple types of songs for different instruments? I was planning to put the concert key and the instrument name in author, so i could see them when searching.

    • Tech4Singers says:

      Matt, thanks for visiting the blog. Regarding organizing sheet music on forScore, if I were in your situation, I would probably bite the bullet and split the big PDFs into individual files for each instrumental part. There’s an iPad app called “PDF Splicer” that’s pretty decent for that task; it has a 10-minute help video that’s worth taking the time to watch. I had an email exchange with the makers of forScore once. They said that the Bookmarks feature was added as an afterthought in order to have a method for organizing and using lengthy PDF files. Frankly, I think the “afterthought” bit shows – the organization features for Bookmarks just don’t seem as solid and bug-free to me as the ones for individual PDF files, although Bookmarks are still pretty handy. So that’s the rationale behind my suggestion to split the big PDFs. Your idea for including the key signature and instrument name in the file title sounds good and should be easily searchable in forScore. I’m also going to tweet your question out to my band director/player friends and see if they have any suggestions for you (I’m @Tech4Singers on Twitter in case you’d like to follow the conversation).

  2. Hi guys! When I scan my music, I am a Band Director, I put ALL parts for a concert band piece into one PDF and the score into a second PDF. That cuts down on the absurd number of PDF files or folders of songs I would end up with! I am scanning every song my bands are rehearsing and with 15-25 parts per piece and about 25-30 pieces per tri-Mester you can do the math on how many individual files that would end up being!

    I title each piece like this….. picetitlecomposer then add the word parts or score on the end.

    In ForScore then I can quickly print a trumpet part if needed by going to that page in the parts PDF and printing a single page. When I want to frequently play from a specific part I will use the bookmark feature. I agree that there needs to be a better way of handling this situation though. I would LOVE a drop down menu with a list of bookmarks I’ve created just for that one PDF. That would allow less clutter in the list of pieces/bookmarks.

  3. Chris says:

    Paul & Matt…make sure to contact forScore with the suggestions. There are no guarantees that they will implement any particular suggestion, but they like the feedback and it does help them plan for the future.

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