Do-it-yourself iPad hand strap

Posted: May 26, 2012 in accessories, choral, folders & cases, iPad, tablet

After checking out all the different iPad/tablet cases and hand straps for singers (and their price tags), I decided to make my own.


I wanted something inexpensive, minimal, lightweight, and non-bulky (I had already bought and returned the Hand-e-Holder after deciding it felt too bulky in my hand).  I got my design inspiration from the HeloStrap and the Pad Strap.

Here’s what I used:

  • A 7″ length of 1″-wide black elastic
  • Two 7.5″ lengths of 3/8″-wide black nylon strap (salvaged from an old bag strap – you could also repurpose a flat black shoelace or the lanyard from an employee/conference badge for this)

I folded down the ends of each strap and sewed them (to prevent the ends from fraying – I also melted the ends of the nylon straps with a match, for the same reason).  Then I made a loop out of each nylon strap and sewed the loops to each end of the elastic strap.

Total cost: about two bucks, plus sewing time.


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