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I just created a video tutorial on one of my favorite new features introduced in forScore 5: tabbed viewing of scores.  The tutorial also covers the Quick Peek feature which shows you an thumbnail preview image of the score before you open it.

(If you’re new to forScore or this blog, or if you’re just curious about what it’s like to work with sheet music on an iPad/tablet, check out my series of forScore tutorials at .)

forScore Tutorial: Tabs & Quick Peek (6:45)

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Here’s a tutorial on how to create and use bookmarks in forScore.  (One bookmark tip I forgot to mention in the tutorial: If you email/share a score as .4SC file, its bookmarks will be included and the recipient will see them when they import the score into their iPad.  Thanks to Chris Russel at Technology in Music Education for tipping me off about that.)

Video: forScore Tutorial: Bookmark Basics (11:32)

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[UPDATE 9/12/12: The original YouTube link had an audio problem midway through – sorry!  It should be fixed now, so please try the new link below.]

Here’s a tutorial on how to create, manage, and use setlists in forScore.

Video: forScore Tutorial: Setlist Basics (10:58)

Resource mentioned in the video: Intermission placeholder PDF file

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Here’s a tutorial on how to share forScore setlists via email and Dropbox.

Video: forScore Tutorial: Setlist Sharing (13:51)

Resources mentioned in the video:

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Here’s a tutorial on where to find extra stamps on the web for music annotation and how to download and import them into forScore‘s stamp library.

Note that this same import method will work for stamps you create yourself.  Just create a 48×48 or 96×96 PNG image file that you want to use as a stamp, and then follow the tutorial steps from the iTunes step onward.

Download extra stamp libraries from: (at the bottom,  under “Misc”)  Some are of special interest to singers, like stamps for breath marks and IPA.

Video: forScore Tutorial: Download extra stamps for annotation (6:54)

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Many thanks to those of you who sent positive feedback about the forScore video tutorial series – it’s nice to know that there are folks who have found it helpful.

If you want to link to the full up-to-date list of forScore tutorials, here’s the link (thanks to Loren F. for setting it up on tinyurl):

New tutorials will appear at that link as I post them.

If you want to subscribe to new forScore tutorial videos as they become available, you can:

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Did you know you can create custom stamps for music annotation and save them to forScore’s stamp library?  Use the stamp editor to hand-draw any symbol or notation you like and add it to the annotation toolbar.

Video: forScore Tutorial: Create custom stamps with the Stamp Editor (4:44)

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Here’s a quickie tutorial on how to import PDF music score files directly from the web into forScore using forScore’s built-in web browser.

Video: forScore Tutorial: Web PDF download/import of music score files (2:50)

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If you’re new to forScore, start with this 15-minute tutorial.  It’s a hands-on introduction where I walk you through the process of importing a PDF music score, annotating and navigating the score, and browsing your scores in forScore’s music library menu.  If you’re a forScore veteran, please share this with other musicians who are new to forScore or who are curious about using a tablet as a music reader.

Video: forScore Tutorial: Getting Started (14:47)

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How to use the Rearrange tool in forScore to cut, copy, paste, and re-order pages in a score and enable hands-free navigation of codas, cuts, and repeats. For an alternate method of navigating codas, cuts, and repeats that’s easier to set up but doesn’t have a hands-free option, see this tutorial on Links.

Video: forScore Tutorial: Hands-free repeats, codas, and cuts with Rearrange (9:40)

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