Free PDF Downloads: Vocal methods, treatises, & lessons on IMSLP

Posted: April 17, 2013 in e-books, practice, sheet music, studying, teaching, technique, websites

This might be useful to you voice students and teachers out there.  I’ve posted before about the Vaccai vocal method book being available on IMSLP, but it didn’t dawn on me until recently that many more vocal methods/studies and related writings are available there.  Here are links to the relevant categories on the IMSLP website:

And here are some items that caught my eye from the pages above:

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  1. And of course, no one mentions the fact that IMSLP freely ripped off the hard work of the folks at Subito Music Corporation that made the CD Sheet Music of vocalise volumes that they used.

    • Tech4Singers says:

      Glendower, thanks for sharing this info, I hadn’t heard it before. Did Subito Music Corporation ever contact IMSLP with their complaint?

    • M. Wright says:

      I had assumed that IMSLP was more careful about that sort of thing. My apologies, and if I decide I need this music, I will buy it from you.

  2. Nothing is truly free. Someone along the way did the hard work and invested lots of money to produce a product. Subito Music Corporation produced a product called CD-Sheet in co-operation with Theodore Presser Corp., which at the time was their distributor. The editions used on the CD Sheet Music were mostly in the public domain. Many of these volumes were out of print. CD Sheet Music was an incredible value at $19.95 to $29.95 for thousands of pages of music. IMSLP removed the CD Sheet Music Logo and then posted to the Petrucci Music Library aka IMSLP rendering Subito’s investment seriously compromised. They did nothing “illegal” but ethically this was hitting below the belt. Many of us music dealers – publishers depend on the revenues of the public domain music we print. Now that IMSLP has made so much of this free these revenue streams have dried up and a lot of us are going out of business. IMSLP is truly a remarkable website but their greed of having “everything” is seriously threatening the ability of conventional music publishers and dealers to stay in business.

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