How to save YouTube videos for offline viewing, using only your iPad

Posted: December 4, 2012 in apps, iPad, listening, studying, tablet, teaching, video

iCab Mobile

I just learned a way to use your iPad to download and save YouTube videos and then view them offline!  Thanks to @Lorskyfink and Technology in Music Education for this great tip.  I’m really looking forward to downloading videos of performances, master classes, singer video blogs, and solo/choral repertoire that I’m studying, and watch it at my leisure without needing a WiFi/4G connection (and also have all this reference material conveniently accessible anytime).

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Purchase and install iCab Mobile browser on your iPad ($1.99).
  2. Using the iCab Mobile browser, go to the YouTube website and navigate to the video you want to save.
  3. Play the video.  While it is playing, tap and hold on the video until the pop-up menu appears, then select “Download File”.
  4. In the top right browser toolbar, tap the Download icon (circle with down-arrow) to view the status of your download.  (You may press the video’s pause button at this point if you see that your download is proceeding smoothly.)
  5. When download is finished, tap the “Download finished successfully” message and then select “Save Video in Album”
  6. After the save has been completed, you will see the video in your camera roll (a.k.a. Photos app) and can view it at your convenience without an internet connection.  You can organize your downloaded YouTube videos into albums and generally do the same things as you could with any other photos or videos in your camera roll.

If you need more details, @Lorskyfink has a two-minute video tutorial.  If you want to use your iPad to edit videos saved from YouTube or include them in Keynote presentations, there are pointers in @Lorskyfink’s video tutorial and also in this blog post from Technology in Music Education: Converting YouTube to iPad Video.  I think this method for saving videos will work on iPhones too – leave me a comment if I’m mistaken.

Apropos to the season, the first thing I downloaded was this full-length, (non-traditionally) staged performance of Handel’s Messiah (here’s some background on the production).  Worked like a charm and I can’t wait to load up my iPad with more videos.

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