New pinboard: Sheet Music on iPads and Tablets [via Pinterest]

Posted: December 1, 2012 in iPad, sheet music, tablet, websites

I started a new pinboard on Pinterest, Sheet Music on iPads and Tablets.  Just for fun, I’m collecting images of sheet music on iPads/tablets – closeups, action shots, and other interesting images of tablets in use in a musical setting.  I hope it will give people a sense of how music looks when displayed on an iPad/tablet and how it is being used by musicians.  I only have a few images so far, but if you have images you’d like me to consider for the pinboard, post the link in the comments.

Sheet Music on iPads and Tablets - Pinterest

Here’s one recent addition to the pinboard that’s worth calling out – @Lorskyfink‘s photo of the iPad and iPad mini side-by-side with sheet music.  (Thanks, @Lorskyfink, for permission to repost.)

iPad and iPad mini with sheet music

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