French verb conjugations with IPA: Wikipedia as a cheat sheet

Posted: October 25, 2012 in diction, French, IPA, studying

For some reason, I’m always tripped up by French words that end in -ent and -aient, which verb forms use those endings, and how the ending is pronounced.  This time around, I couldn’t look it up in my reference books because they were at the print shop getting prepped for scanning.  Luckily, the Wikipedia article on French conjugation is a good cheat sheet for jogging my memory on this point.  It has several examples of verb conjugation, with IPA for each of the forms. [UPDATE 10/25/12: Blog reader Katia also recommends the online Bescherelle as a reference for irregular French verbs, but be sure to include all diacritical marks when entering verbs into their search box.]

Wikipedia: French conjugation

Credit: Wikipedia

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  1. Katia says:

    My go-to reference for the many irregular verbs in French is the online Bescherelle: . Just enter the verb in the top box. As a heads-up, the site cares about proper accentuation & such so make sure to enter all the funny characters 🙂

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