Another method for iPad screencasts: Reflection & TouchPosé [via Performing Arts Technology @ UNCG]

Posted: August 27, 2012 in apps, iPad, video


Following up on my how-to post on iPad screencasts: Matt L. at Performing Arts Technology @ UNCG has blogged about another method for recording iPad screencasts using Reflection, TouchPosé, audio software, and your computer.  His method also requires a jailbreak (at least for showing the touch gestures) as well as more hardware and software, but it is superior to my method in terms of the audio quality that is recorded from apps.

Read the full post here: Screencasting on iPad (a followup)

Matt, thanks for sharing this info!

On a related note: Chris R. from Technology in Music Education warns us of a fraudulent display recording app in Apple’s App Store that is masquerading as a previously-existing app that really did record the iPad display but got pulled from the Apple App Store.  Here is a link to the bad app: Disp Recorder  It’s times like these that I wish the Apple App Store had a no-questions-asked 15-minute refund period like the Google Play app store, a policy that’s saved me more than once when an app did not perform as expected or advertised.

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