Presentation slides on iPads for choir/music [via Tech in Music Ed]

Posted: August 19, 2012 in accessories, apps, blogs, choral, iPad, scanning, sheet music, tablet


Chris Russell at Technology in Music Education has posted some great slides from his recent presentations on the topic of iPads in the choir room. Although music educators were the intended audience, much of the content is useful for musicians of all stripes.

His August 9 post has slides from two sessions. In the session “The iChoir: Are you ready for it?”, the first half makes a case for the iPad as the device of choice in the choral classroom. The second half describes “seventeen ways to integrate an iPad in choral music” and even includes app suggestions for library/apparel/robe management. The second session, “Technology ‘How-To'”, was more of a hands-on session, but the slides have some general tips for getting started with the iPad as well as more specific advice for scanning sheet music and accessory recommendations.

His August 14 post has another pair of slide decks. “70 (85) iPad Apps in 70 Minutes” is a hard-core listing of general and music apps – you’ll want your iPad on hand and opened to the App Store as you follow along with these slides. “Essential iPad Skills for Music Education” covers much of the same material as “Technology ‘How-To'”.

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