iPad scanning stand / document camera DIY ideas

Posted: August 1, 2012 in accessories, iPad, scanning, sheet music, smartphone, tablet
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I’ve been posting lately about wanting some sort of a portable iPad scanning stand that I can bring to the music library to scan scores and reference materials.   (See my previous posts: iPad scanning stand / document camera productsPreliminary experiments for do-it-yourself iPad scanning stand / document camera, and Portable scanning of scores & reference materials: smartphones, iPad, scanners.)  Following up on that theme, I’ve put together another Pinterest pinboard, this time with do-it-yourself ideas and parts for building an iPad scanning stand or document camera stand:

iPad Scanning Stand / iPad Document Camera Stand: Do-It-Yourself Ideas and Parts

Before sure to price things out before building – depending on the parts used, it might end up more expensive than a ready-made commercial product.  Two of the DIY designs I found especially notable:

1.  Retort stand iPad document camera / scanning stand

I believe this design is originally attributed to John Mikulski at Classroom in the Cloud.  It’s made from parts borrowed from a science classroom or lab.  Alternatively, you can buy the parts from a laboratory supply company or used/cheap on eBay.

Credit: John Mikulski / classroominthecloud.net

YouTube has an excellent 10-minute tutorial for building this stand:

There is also a useful blog post by James Hollis at Teaching with iPads – he built this stand and shared some tips he learned in the process.

2.  PVC pipe iPad document camera / scanning stand

Amy Oelschlager at Confessions of a Nerdy Teacher tried building this design, and her blog post has lots of photos documenting the process.  Here is her photo of the finished product:

Credit: Amy Oelschlager / nerdyteacherconfessions.edublogs.org

I believe the design is originally attributed to Clint Stephens, Technology Integration Specialist for the Southwest Educational Development Center in Utah.  His video below has a parts list and detailed instructions.

Lastly, if you’re looking for more ideas for different iPad mounts that could be used in a DIY scanning stand, this Pinterest pinboard by Lauren Enders should provide some inspiration: Mounting Systems for iPad

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  1. David says:

    I like this, but my iPad casts a shadow. What lighting setup do you use?

    • Tech4Singers says:

      David, I am using a locker shelf as a scanning stand for my iPad, per my post: Test driving a locker shelf as an iPad scanning stand The post shows photos of how I use it. The last time I used it was in a library, which has lots of ceiling light fixtures shining light onto the document from many different angles, so shadows were not a problem. You may also want to check out Scanbox Plus and the built-in lighting it uses. Granted, Scanbox Plus is designed for an iPhone, not an iPad, but you may be able to pick up some portable LED lights from the hardware store and rig up something similar for your own stand. The only thing is you’d probably need to find a way to diffuse the LED light, as it can be very bright and directional and result in uneven document lighting if used without modification (I tried).

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