forScore 4 has been released!

Posted: July 30, 2012 in apps, forScore, iPad, sheet music

Credit: forScore

The long-awaited forScore 4 has arrived!  Download it here.  Here is the official announcement, and the list of new features is below (see details on their website).

N.B.:  You might want to back up your forScore music library before upgrading!

New features:

  • Storefront
  • Large library handling
  • Menu multi-select
  • Recent items
  • Replace setlist items
  • Document icons
  • Dropbox 1.2.2
  • Custom category
  • Smarter sorting
  • Italian localization
  • Text annotation enhancements
  • Instant feedback
  • Banner reminders (make your own pop-up notes for each page)
  • Setlist Sharing
  • Audio track looping
  • Table of contents in PDF files
  • New page transition options
  • Multiple genres
  • Improved security for password-protected PDF files
  • Metadata panel
  • Metadata auto-suggest
  • Handles non-unique titles
  • Dropbox upload of multiple files
  • Streamlined editing
  • Simpler settings
  • More “Open in…” options
  • Advanced caching for faster page turns
  • 10-level undo-redo
  • Links navigation
  • Better backups
  • Slider precision
  • Page handling for landscape view
  • Setlist creation with top-level access to “All Scores”
  • Append and replace genres and keywords
  • Setlist indexing
  • Smart suffix detection in composer names
  • Interface updates in menu bar, links, and pages
  • Share more
  • Faster annotations
  • Page rotation for individual pages or all pages
  • Smaller 4SC files
  • Audio track metadata refresh
  • Numerical duplication of copied titles
  • Additive drawing
  • Localized layout
  • Better Dropbox organization
  • Annotation controls transparency
  • Fetching PDF metadata
  • Custom signatures
  • Easier setlist creation

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