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Posted: July 25, 2012 in accessories, iPad, scanning, sheet music, smartphone, tablet
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I’m still planning my project to build a portable iPad scanning stand for scanning scores and books from the music library.  But first, I wanted to know if there are products out there for this.

These are my desired criteria for an iPad scanning stand:

  • Portable – disassembles or folds flat and fits in my backpack
  • Can fit a whole US-standard letter-sized page in the iPad camera’s image (see the required measurements from Preliminary experiments for do-it-yourself iPad scanning stand / document camera)
  • Can accommodate different page sizes larger or smaller than US letter
  • Can accommodate bound books – even large ones (e.g. orchestral scores)
  • Won’t break the bank

I had a stroke of inspiration the other week and realized that instead of Googling “iPad scanning stand” to find such products, I should search for “iPad document camera stand” instead.  I’ve posted the results of my product research on Pinterest.  It’s still a nascent industry with just a handful of standout products (that still don’t meet 100% of my criteria).  Also, with one exception, all of the products currently available will set you back anywhere from $30-$200.  In light of this, I’m going to follow up with a post on some existing do-it-yourself approaches to building an iPad document camera / scanning stand.

Here is the pinboard I created on Pinterest:

iPad Scanning Stand / iPad Document Camera Stand: Products

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  1. John D says:

    I was checking out this post and your board on Pinterest, have you seen the Dewey stand? Didn’t see you list this one http://doccamhq.com/copernicus-dewey-document-camera-stand.html

    It’s a pretty nice option and quite sturdy.

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