Stylus reviews & Chromatik music reader: Two updates via Tech in Music Ed

Posted: July 24, 2012 in accessories, apps, iPad, performance, practice, rehearsal, sheet music, stylus, websites

Today, Chris Russell from Technology in Music Education brings us two posts of note (thanks, Chris!).

The first post relates his chat with Matt Sandler, Co-Founder and CEO of Chromatik, a new music reader app for iPad and browser-based platforms that’s planning to release this fall.  Chris reports that  Chromatik will have a number of features not available from music reader apps currently on the market, such as support for more file formats, internal tracking of page/measure/rehearsal numbers and codas/repeats, built-in music distribution to your ensemble, and the ability to record while simultaneously playing a reference recording (useful for individual/group practice or student assessment).  Chromatik has also attracted $1.1m in funding and some high-profile beta testers, like American Idol.  This music app/platform is worth keeping tabs on – sign up for the beta here.

The second post is a review of some favorite styluses, plus a link to an even longer stylus review list.  A stylus can be very useful for a musician in the digital age.  Apps like forScore allow for annotation stamps and typed-in text annotations, but sometimes you just have to write things in, and if your finger isn’t accurate enough, a stylus can help.  I’m using an Adonit Jot Pro, it’s pretty good so far but it’s my first stylus and I need to spend more time with it to form a solid opinion.  I’ve also heard good things about the iFaraday for smooth, accurate writing.  Palm rejection, or lack thereof, is one of the annoyances about using a stylus on a tablet, and I was tickled to find this solution:

Credit: SmudgeGuard

The top glove is the Hand Glider and the bottom one is the SmudgeGuard.  Or, as other stylus users have done with satisfactory results, you can go the DIY route and cut fingers off of a gardening glove or stretch knit glove.  Personally, I’m waiting until the gloves above are available in Silver Glitter.

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