Two new recommendations: Skim PDF software and DODOcase iPad folder [via Loren F.]

Posted: July 14, 2012 in accessories, folders & cases, iPad, scanning

Credit: DODOcase

Two new recommendations come to us from Loren F. by way of his YouTube comments on the videos featured in the earlier posts Using iPads and Tablets for Choir Rehearsal and Performance and Presentation on forScore for iPad.  (The comment threads are here and here.)

The first is Skim, an application for the Mac which Loren uses to crop the margins from his PDF scores in order to make the print bigger and easier on the eyes when reading scores on the iPad.  Skim can actually do a lot more with PDF files than that.  The description from their webpage:

Skim is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X. It is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF, but is also great for viewing any PDF file.

Their web page has a list of 25+ features.

The second recommendation is the DODOcase for iPad:

Credit: DODOcase

Loren has used the DODOcase when performing with ensembles that require a traditional-looking black choral folder that matches other singers and renders the iPad invisible to the audience.  This case is not cheap, but judging from the pictures, it’s very elegant and attractive.  If it just had an exterior hand strap and an interior bottom strap like the Black Folder sold by (shown below), the DODOcase would be even better as a choral folder.  (I wonder if you could mod the folder yourself to add straps, or ask to rivet straps to your DODOcase as a custom job, or use CHOROgrip as an add-on strap.)


Speaking of iPad cases – I recently noticed that the Pinterest link to the list of iPad/Tablet Folders, Cases, & Holders for Choral Singers has been broken for a while due to my fumble-fingered blog edits.  So if you’ve been wanting to check that out, the link should work now.

Thanks, Loren, for these two recommendations!

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  1. Thanks for passing on my recommendations. Here is a shot of a recent concert. See if you can spot the iPad. It’s not completely invisible, but usually it’s only noticed by people who see the folder is smaller than others, or they notice I am not turning the pages.

    • Dick Harriss says:

      I bought a DODO Case and cut slots in the back of the side which holds the iPad. I ran a strap through the slots. This is possible because the iPad does not sit all the way down to the back cover; there is room for a strap. I now have a one-hand held folder like the Black Folder and can turn pages with the other hand. You just have to think about where all the weight is going to be before you start cutting up a $70 folder. The Black Folder has the strap in the middle because one will be flipping (noisy) pages from one side to the other. The iPad will always be on the same side.

      • Tech4Singers says:

        Dick, thanks for sharing your method for modifying the DODO case to make an iPad choral folder with hand strap. I’d love to see some photos if you’re inclined and maybe share them on the blog. I’m glad you posted your story because I’m working on an iPad-case-to-choral-folder conversion project too and I was thinking about where and how to mount the hand strap. What tool did you use to make the holes in the back cover? I’ll blog the results of my project when it’s done.

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