ACDA Educational Technology committee: Helping choral professionals succeed with technology

Posted: July 13, 2012 in blogs, choral

The newly-rebranded ACDA Educational Technology committee has refocused its mission on helping ACDA‘s members use technology effectively in their work as choral professionals.  Here’s part of the announcement from ChoralNet:

We are excited that the ACDA Technology Committee has now officially been rebranded as ACDA Educational Technology. Our primary goal moving forward is to turn our energies from supporting ACDA as an organization to ACDA members as professionals in the field. Between the members of the group, we have expertise in web and app development, Web 2.0 tools, online publishing, multimedia and a host of other things you may have wanted to use in your groups but never known how. What’s more important, though, we’re all choral professionals who use these technologies to help us do our jobs in support of creative art, and want to share what we’ve learned. To that end, you’ll see many things appearing on ChoralNet in the next few weeks from forum postings to communities and polls, and a weekly blog post on Thursdays looking at tools that you may want to use in your rehearsals and concerts.

We are, however, here to answer your questions from “What’s this SoundCloud thing I keep hearing about?” to “My students keep saying that I need to use Twitter… Is it good for anything?” to “I can’t keep track of my music checkout! HELP!” Imagine us your own Choral Geek Squad.

They are soliciting topics and questions to cover in their future posts – post your suggestions here.

You can also add the ChoralBlog from ChoralNet to your news reader application to stay up-to-date when the ACDA Educational Technology committee posts to the blog.  The link to the ChoralBlog feed is a little difficult to figure out, so I’m posting it here for convenience:

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