Video: Finale SongBook Quick Tour

Posted: July 11, 2012 in apps, iPad, sheet music, video

I am on a roll with videos lately.  Shown above is a video that I made about Finale SongBook for iPad.  Last month, I read about the release of Finale SongBook reader app for Finale scores (thanks again, Chris R. at Technology in Music Education) and I’d been meaning to give it a spin.  I finally got around to it, so here is a video tour of the app.

There is another good YouTube video on Finale SongBook by MatzikFRANCE, see below.  That video shows more of the file import process through iTunes and also demonstrates the app’s audio playback feature.

Side note: I created my screencast using the Display Recorder app which does video capture of the iPad screen.  Pretty awesome app for creating iPad screencasts, but I did run into a few hurdles and limitations.  One is that it won’t record my audio narration if another app tries to play audio (as SongBook does if you use playback mode).  Another problem was that when I tried to edit the screencast video in iMovie, it would crop the top and bottom of my portrait-mode video so that you couldn’t see SongBook’s toolbars.  (I prefer to view scores in portrait mode.)  Also, the video output from Display Recorder is still a bit choppy.  And I do wish it had an option for showing a visual indicator for gestures, so you can tell how I am interacting with the touch screen instead of just seeing the pages go by.  One tip I learned about making narrated screencasts with Display Recorder: use an external mic (the one that’s built into your earbuds is good enough).  The screen taps and swipes are awfully LOUD if you just rely on the built-in mic.  Another tip: YouTube’s video editor will rotate and trim videos, which saved my bacon when all the pesky video tools I used kept trying to rotate my portrait video to landscape.

  1. Your video is still marked as private, and therefore can’t be viewed. Feel free to delete this comment once you’ve change the video to “public.”

  2. Tech4Singers says:

    Thanks for the catch, Chris – just fixed it.

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