iPad vs. sheet music

Posted: May 26, 2012 in accessories, choral, iPad, sheet music

This is one of the earliest comparisons between the experience of using an iPad vs. printed sheet music, from a choral singer’s perspective:

Technology Review: iPad for Choral Singers

The comparison above is for iPad 1 (with postscript re: iPad 2), but a lot of the advantages/disadvantages still hold true.

Regarding tablet weight, which is important when you are holding your music for the duration of a rehearsal or concert, one of my colleagues posted this info to our choir’s Facebook group  (This was for iPad 2, which is noticeably lighter than iPad 1, and the music in question was for one of our concert programs):

A few people have asked whether the iPad is heavier than the paper music, so I finally broke down and weighed them. The results:

Paper music 12oz + black folder 16oz = 28oz
iPad 22oz + cover 5oz = 27oz

So no, the iPad is actually a hair lighter. But its weight is in a much smaller volume, so it can feel heavier even though it isn’t.

When I can get my hands on a scale, I’ll write up a weight comparison for iPad 3.  (According to specs, the weight of a bare iPad 3 is slightly heavier than iPad 2.)

  1. […] iPad 3 is quite slim.  As for weight, the iPad has a touch of heft to it.  With a case, it weighs about the same as a Messiah vocal score in my big black deluxe choir folder.  (See iPad vs. sheet music.) […]

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