Coming soon: iPad choral folder with a traditional look

Posted: May 26, 2012 in accessories, choral, folders & cases, iPad, performance, rehearsal

Ian Bullen of posts on ChoralNet:

For those who want to hold their iPad in a folder, we’ve responded to some custom requests, by riveting a trimmed version of the iPad Performance case INSIDE our lightest-weight music folder. We’ll post some prototype images in the next month. That way everyone in the choir looks the same, for those who are determined to use their iPad when there’s resistance to the different appearance of just using the performance case with handstrap as illustrated.

So stay tuned!

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  1. Ian Bullen says:

    Hi it’s Ian from – soon we’ll have up on site not only the performance case for iPad mounted in our lightest weight traditional folder, but ALSO we’ve learned that performers with iPads are “taking out” audience members with reflected spotlights blinding them from bouncing off the iPads.

    Therefore, we’ll have MATTE screen protectors for all iPad versions up on the site in a week or two as well, which we’ll stock in bulk to give you best price.

  2. Ian, thanks for the update – I’m looking forward to the new items. I have two questions for you. First, have you checked that the screen protector works well with the case you’re designing? One of my singer colleagues uses the Rev360 case and he reports that screen protectors don’t fit with that case. Second, would you consider trying out several matte screen protectors to see which one works best for reducing stage lighting without degrading the display quality? I use the iPad 2 version of the Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film (on my iPad 3). While I like it overall and it cuts the glare well, it has a slight speckling effect on my Retina display and I wonder if I should have waited for their iPad 3 version (which is now out) and if that or any other product would preserve the display quality better.

  3. […] where it would look anachronistic and silly to be obviously holding an iPad. And I’m tired of waiting for to design such a case. Blog reader Loren F. recommends the DODOcase for this purpose, and blog reader Dick H. gave some […]

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